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V34 Pro Purple Corrector Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Enamel Care Easy Smile Removal Plaque Stain Reduce Yellowing Oral Clean Care

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Color: 10pcs

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Brand Name: PWYUMAN

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Toothpaste

Quantity: 1/3/5/10pcs

Model Number: lbq8777

Number of Pieces: COMBO

NET WT: 30ml

Ingredient: V34

Age Group: adults

Function 1: Clean Freshen Breath Care

Function 2: Herbal Remove Oral Enamel

Function 3: Beauty Health Maquiagem

Function 4: Whitening Colour Corrector Toothpaste

Function 5: V34 Colour Corrector Toothpaste

Function 6: Brightening Enamel Repair Cleaning Care

Function 7: Anti-Cavity Tooth

Function 8: Toothpaste Brightening Restorative Toothpaste Restorative Teeth Tooth Whitening Removal of Plaque Cavities Whitening Yellowing

Function 9: Portable Toothpaste

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


Repair Bright White Anti-Sensitive Toothpaste Gel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste Remove Smoke Stains Plaque Fresh Breath Teeth Care


clean tooth stains

Repair healthy gums

Improves mouth freshness

Capacity: 30ml


The fresh and clean formula quickly brightens yellow teeth, gently removes the dirt hidden between the teeth, thereby improving oral problems and helping to further protect the gums; while freshening the breath, it cleans the mouth and protects the health of the gums, making your oral cavity Stay clean and happy for a long time.

What is v34?

The V34 utilizes color theory techniques to quickly brighten teeth. By balancing different shades of yellow in teeth, V34 quickly hides stains and adds brightness. Use V34 after a whitening session, daily or before a big event to boost luminosity.


1. V34 adopts color correction technology. Purple and yellow are opposite complementary colors on the color wheel, so use a water-soluble purple dye on your teeth to remove any yellow undertones for the best possible smile without leaving any residue.

2. V34 is a non-invasive whitening care product, not a chemical whitening treatment, so it is safe and harmless to use in dental work. Simply apply v34 Color Corrector to your toothbrush, just like regular toothpaste and toothbrush!

3. V34 is suitable for people who want to further brighten their teeth after whitening, or those whose teeth are already very white and do not need comprehensive treatment with teeth whitening kits. Oxidizes stains with PAP+ to increase brightness and desaturate yellow stains, while V34 balances warm and cool tones (tints) of teeth to reveal more vibrant white tones.

Method use:

When using, press the entrance 2-3 times, brush your teeth for 3 minutes (it can replace ordinary toothpaste), and finally rinse your mouth for 20 seconds and spit it out, then rinse your mouth with water, it can whiten your teeth, remove tartar, and freshen your breath

Package Contains: 1 -10PCS Whitening Toothpaste

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